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Does reading fanfiction count as a hobby?

no it’s a life style


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Fun Fact: 90% of the posts in the #Medical Kink tag are hannigram posts.


Will Graham & Dr. Hannibal Lecter *0* 


Will Graham & Dr. Hannibal Lecter *0* 

Hannigram c:


Here we fucking go.

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Imagine Hugh Dancy’s son Cyrus in 15 yrs time finding all the hannigram fanfic/fanart here.

"Uncle Mads is coming for dinner tomorrow, Cy."
"Dad, I don’t think I can handle that."


Dr.Lecter with his slight nature.


Autumn Pines  by Anette Bruus

somehow … I’m quite often sad lately. Mostly for different reasons, friends who cut me out of their lifes, friends I used to have but had to cut out of my life. Shared happy memories including fandoms that now hurt me to the bone. Generally, mortality, Berlin-approachibg-winter depressing thoughts, the yearning of MORE, stupid daddy issues, I don’t know.
Mostly the happy shared fandom memories that hurt. It is loss I experience and it’s so weird. Maybe I’m a little late but I didn’t have this in my teens, never like this. I was never left behind so carelessly. I had to cut other people off, that is usually the easier part. But when you are kind and try your best and then someone betrays you … well. Whatever. I suppose everybody experiences this sort of thing. I have to stop pitying myself. Life goes on. have to get over it. I’m not good at getting over stuff that once meant something to me - but I gotta learn.