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Q: Dom, weren’t you telling me that there was a real boys club during the making of the movie?

Monaghan:"Yeah, how there were no women there."

Wood:"Well, Cate Blanchett came over."

Boyd:"And Orlando, who’s quite feminine, was there."

Wood:"Yeah, he was kind of the girl of the group, wasn’t he?"

Boyd:"He was a bit of the bitch."

Monaghan:"He would tidy up for us."

Boyd:"We had parties, and we’d dress him up in an apron."

Monaghan: ”And he would have to clean up afterwards. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be invited to the party.”

Dom, Billy, & Elijah on Orlando (the ‘Honorary Hobbit’)


Lord Of The Rings Cast

i shipped them 10yrs ago and i still do

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"Elijah, I must finish now. But I must tell you now…"

dear followers,
if u ask urself why i’m reblogging a shitload of lotr at the mo there are 2 reasons:

1. reading the books at the mo
2. when i saw lotr 10 years ago i knew practically no one who liked it like i did and i was never in a fandom because no internet - so i’m catchin’ up now

Elijah & Sean


top fives: real life bromances asked by obiwanskenobi | billy boyd and dominic monaghan

“I mean, Dom and Billy are Merry and Pippin in real life, in the way they interact.”

Lord of the Rings EW.com Reunion 2010 - Downtime in New Zealand [x]

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Asked about the best prank during the filming of The Lord of the Rings, Billy tells the story of the cast’s payback on him and Dom with fake script pages. (x)